How Many Pairs Of Legs Do Shrimps Have?


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They have five pair of legs on thorax, which are jointed and are used for walking. There are five more pair legs on the abdomen for swimming purposes. There are three pairs of maxillae for feeding appendages all these legs are segmented. These are omnivores. They eat plant and small animals. The Size of shrimp ranges from one inch to 9 inches. They have a mostly very thin, smooth, hard, exoskeleton. Their colors vary according to their place.
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Shrimps have a large number of specialized legs. Eight pairs of legs are located on the thorax, three front pairs, called maxillipeds, are used for feeding, while the remaining five, called pereiopods, are used for walking. The pereiopods are long and delicate and they are sometimes thinner than a human hair. The abdomen has also five pairs of legs which are called pleopods. These legs are short and rounded and are used for swimming.

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