How Do Animals Use Their Skin?


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Animals use their skin for a number of different thing, and the animal kingdom is full of examples that you may be interested in.

Here's a list of 3 cool ways that certain animals make use of their skin:

Animals putting their skin to good use:
1- Pteromyini (or 'flying squirrels', as they are popularly known) use flaps of skin underneath their arms to glide from one tree to another.

The skin in question is called a 'patagium', and is similar to the structure of a bat's wings too.

2- Some animals, like certain types of Chameleon, are able to change the color of their skin. This is done to match their surroundings (camouflage), in reaction to temperature, or as a signal to other animals.

3- An animal's skin can also be a form of protection from its environment, as well as from predators. An elephant's skin is usually around 1 inch thick, and this helps protect it from the threat of insect bites.

A hippo's skin is known for exuding a red liquid that looks like blood. This secretion helps protect the animal from the sun's rays when it ventures out of the water.
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Animals use their skin in a variety of ways:

1) For protection - some animals can change the color to match their surroundings. For example, a lizard.
2) To identify food - many animals use their sense of touch to identify food before they eat it.
3) For getting around in the dark
4) For shelter
5) For finding a mate
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They use their skin to breathe. Also, the skin is used to make leather, clothes, drums, and other things.

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