What Is The Ideal Design For A Chicken Coop?


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Hens must have access to light and air. Light levels are crucial to egg laying productivity so a very dark coop might diminish egg supplies. Predators such as foxes need to be kept out so the coop must be constructed to be durable. For example, screwed timber panels are more resistant to prying claws than nailed and some hen keepers chose to reinforce timber panels with chicken wire as further protection. Hens should be able to stand up in their coop, to eat and drink inside on poor weather and they like to roost at night off the floor. If you cannot afford a coop which is big enough for you to walk into then make sure it has a flap down side to aid cleaning and a detachable egg box or side flap so you can reach the laid eggs. Hens appreciate separate compartments for laying but they are very sociable so never keep one hen alone.
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