What Does A Phoenix Bird Symbolize?


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The phoenix represents the circle of life (death and birth) however some legends also say it represents peace,love and fire and others also say symbolises perfection immortality and and the ability to shield it's guardian (the phoenix selects it's guardian on values such as love and trust) with the ultimate protection loyalty and love
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The Phoenix is a beautiful, mythical bird, and its legend exists in many cultures. Basically, it was a large bird that lived for many years. At the end of its life cycle it would build a nest that would serve as its funeral pyre. It would light the nest on fire and be consumed by the flames. Out of the ashes a new Phoemix would rise. It represents new life, re-birth, and resurrection. It also symbolizes different things to different cultures, but the idea of rebirth is its basic meaning.
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A phoenix bird is a mystical bird that rises from it's ashes. It symbolizes rebirth from a dark and ragged existence to a new and beautiful one. Such is the meaning of the phoenix.
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A phoenix symbolizes great freedom,flight and control of your own life.
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It symbolises rebirth. It is used frequently by the provisional ira on their emblems to indicate a new rising or revolution against British occupation. It is usually shown rising from the fire and ashes.

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