Can Anyone Answer This Question...... How Can U Turn Into A Real Werewolf?


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Happen to know what a p-shift or m-shift is? Start
trying m-shifts, and after a while p-shifts. That's how I did it.
M-shift (from what I learned) is a Mind shift, and that you can
envision your self looking out of the wolf you want to be and being
them. Next is the physical shift, where you take it a step further. You
can feel you body changing and you know you the wolf. Look it up for
more details.
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This is impossible. It was an old fable created to scare children into going to church. The story was if a man did not go to church for weeks, on the full moon he would turn into a werewolf. You could only stop him by scratching a cross on his forehead. Of course the myths evolved from there
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Well, there are a lot of ways. 1) You have to be bit2) If your ancestors are descended from wolves, all it takes is a vampire to move in next door3) You have to drink water from a werewolf's pawprint4) Even if you cannot manage to pull off these tasks, just remember that everyone has some wolf in them, mortal or immortal, weak or strong, but some people don't let their inner wolf come to the surface-it stays hidden. FIND YOUR INNER WOLF
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Um...vampire? Really? Oh come on i am a REAL werewolf!!!! And i was born with the werewolf gene. And i do not need BLOODSUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are worthless! And people who are SERIOUS should go to DEWPAW he/she is a smart wolf and shouldbe listened too. Unlike these posers!
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Unbeknownst to Jane and John Public, there are actually several ways for one to become a werewolf:
1. Be bitten by a werewolf. This can work day or night, but has a greater likelihood of success while the moon is full. It's also advised that you know the werewolf personally before going through with such a thing; otherwise, they may get carried away and eat you.
2. Create a special concoction of wolf's blood, St. Bernard's yellow bile, wolverine's phlegm, coyote's black bile, and a single rabbit dropping that's been fermenting since one full moon to another. The concoction can be either rubbed on the body (which must not be done during a full moon) or drunk from the pot (which can be done during the full moon, but it's not advised). If you plan on drinking the substance, sugar and vanilla can be added for flavor.
3. Check your family's history. It has been proven that a child born from one or more werewolves, conceived while they were turned, has a 70% likelihood of becoming a werewolf themselves as adults.
4. Obtain a wolfskin belt, preferably made in the 18th century. Thw belt may be fashioned out of a werewolf's skin instead of a normal wolf's, so this may be able to work. If not, at least you'll have a lovely fashion statement.
5. Drink the water out of the footprint of a Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) while in the Alps. It is required that you lap up the water, rather than drink it through a straw or with a spoon (as others have tried, and failed).
6. If you're in Italy, France, or Germany, sleep outside on a Wednesday or Saturday night completely naked. A full moon should be shining on your face.
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Is This For Real?? I Guess You Have To Be Bit By One.. It's Called LYCANTHROPY.

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