I want to become a werewolf (only real werewolves need answer please). How do I become one?


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They exist! But, they are wolves. Its impossible to be one. They are close cuizens to Timberwolves!

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I am a werewolf and I will tell you. First of all, we don't show ourselves to humans, so you need to become trusted enough by one for them to bring you within their world. Then the werewolf will probably welcome you into their pack, then you have to speak to the alpha. If shehe agrees shehe will test you in running, guarding skills, and bites. (scratch, snap, etc) But we don't hunt. We don't eat raw meat, but sometimes a rabbit looks good! These skills are for when your protecting your pack. I didn't have to do this because I was born this way. Also you will still remember who your family is, and you won't wake up not knowing what happened. Those are lies about us. Also your lucky I'm telling you this. Werewolves like their privacy. We are also innocent and peaceful creatures and don't want to hurt you. I am trusting you on this, so if it is your dream, I will talk to my pack alpha about it and she might consider bringing you in. My name is Snowstorm and I have creamy white, silky fur when i transform. And also we don't only transform at full moon.

Side effects: You will look just like a normal wolf, not a big furry blood thirsty beast.

We are not nocturnal, but prefer the night

We don't eat raw meat, but sometimes we do.

You're just like a normal wolf, you live in packs. Not anything different from a wolves life.

You have lots of fun!

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Ok so i talked to my pack alpha and she said she will think about it. Don't get your hopes up!
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What the heck. y'all are idiots. Pack alpha! Ha get a life. You r so freakin stupid. You must b high to think they exist
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My alpha would kill you if he heard you say that. Although, he would kill you anyway. I am a beta wolf. Don't worry, Katy. I'm with you.
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Ok ,so I want to become a werewolf really badly. It has been a dream of mine for many years. Please answer, and no people saying they don't exist..

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