Will Malathion Kill Ticks?


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Malathion will kill ticks if applied correctly, but is not readily available for purchase in the United States in its pure form. The best thing you can do is buy a flea and tick treatment product from your local pet store, as this will most probably contain a small amount of the man-made insecticide malathion to help cure the tick problem and get rid of any lurking fleas in the process. Under no circumstances should malathion found in anything other than a specialist pet product be used on your animal, however.

Malathion-based tick treatment products will only contain a very small amount of the chemical itself and should only ever be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, as found on the product packet. Only a tiny dose of malathion is required to kill ticks, so there is no need to use excessive quantities of cream or spray on your pet animal during the application process. Because the insecticide has toxic properties, it's essential that you avoid over-exposure to it. Never inhale or consume anything containing malathion, and keep any tick treatment products containing it well out of the reach of children.

Aside from tick treatment, the other main use of malathion is in adult mosquito control. To keep mosquito populations as low as possible and protect the human population in an area, some American and Canadian authorities have taken to applying low-volume doses of malathion to high-risk environments. Malathion kills mosquitos by damaging the nervous system - resulting in over-stimulation and, subsequently, death. Only a very small amount is required to kill a mosquito, which is why the risk of over-exposure to humans is relatively low using this method of population limitation. Indeed, malathion has been registered with the American and Canadian Environmental Protection Agencies since 1995, and remains the leading mosquito control mechanism today.

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