What Is The Truth About Sirens? Do They Really Exist?


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We see many Mythical sea creatures come alive in stories of sea voyages like Odysseus. The poem 'Ancient Mariner' also mentions some old superstitions sailors have.
Like many other mythical creatures, there have been no recorded sightings of such beings.
Some of the most common, and perhaps the most beautiful, sea creatures found in myths are the Sirens. Sirens are said to be very beautiful women who have the most beautiful voices in the world. The Sirens sang sitting in numbers on large pieces of rocks at sea. The sailors lost control over themselves and their ships on hearing them, colliding with the rocks and splintering their ships, driving themselves towards death.

It is said that Odysseus wanted to hear the Sirens so much that he ordered his crew to bind him to one of the masts, and put wax in their ears. In this way, Odysseus was the only one who could hear the Sirens sing. It is also said that, on his orders, the crew passed from very near the Sirens, and Odysseus shouted at them to let him jump into the water, but the sailors had wax in their ears so they could not hear, and Odysseus, being tied to the masts, could do nothing.
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No  the don't because if the real exist we will see Them ma by before  we people exist  the use to exist but now the don't

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