What Can You Do For A Pulled Muscle On A Dog? Is It Ok To Give Them Aspirin?


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Yes you can, but only give them one.
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Do not give your pup aspirin. Quote: Aspirin-the quickest fix for discomfort found in your own medicine cabinet-may be highly toxic to a dog. Aspirin toxicity can cause life-threatening, long-term complications and even death, especially in young or small dogs. But, with the right dose, aspirin can be a very helpful medicine for your dog. Following a proper dosage schedule is critical; never give your dog over the counter aspirin without first consulting your vet. www.vetinfo.com

Don't take a chance!!!
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My dog fell in a little whole when walking and is limping today but it apears to be getting worse and he has elevated it completly now and wont walk on it he is a 9 month old basset hound
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You need to call your vet. They can probably tell you over the phone whether or not you can do it and of so how much (you still need to watch for toxicity) for your pup specifically since they know your pup and all the factors. All those things like that are toxic to dogs and are prescribed very carefully taking everything into consideration so it needs to be the exact dosage and it needs to be for an appropriate reason. If your pup has luxating patella's (slipping kneecaps) or something then it's really nothing but a health risk so it's important to know why you think it might be necessary. Things like that aren't generally prescribed to very young dogs. I would also worry because liver shunts are so common in them nowadays and even the tiniest amount of something like that could cause death if there is one which isn't yet diagnosed.
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The vet had me give my 10 pound shitzu a 1/2 of a baby tylenol for pain. But you should call your vet first
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Even if my dog is only 4 moths can she still have a baby aspirin
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You can give a dog buffered aspirin, like bufferin. Or some online pet companies like Doctors Foster Smith offer bottles of doggie aspirin. I know you can give bufferin because my doctor told me to use it for the last dog I owned.
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You should never give your pet medications that are made for humans. Although some human medications can be given to animals, their body weight and other factors need to be considered to determine proper dosing. For the same reasons that you wouldn't give adult medications or doses to a child. You should consult a veterinarian. I know it can be costly, but you could potentially cost your pet its life, or at the very least, create an emergency situation.
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It is okay to give your dog baby aspirin.  You need to dose according to their weight.  Check with your vet for dosing.
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Don't give aspirin bad for dogs see vet and they will give you anti-infantries which will do the world of good

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