How Do You Say Tiger In Hebrew?


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* Tigris
* Na'mer
* he
The above are the three answers we found online. Tigris and He were found on a site that provided the written Hebrew form. It is uncertain if either word is actually how you would say it or if the two forms are just another way to write the word based on the language one is writing in.
It seems more likely that Na'mer is the proper form of Tiger in Hebrew. The above link is where we found na'mer. It is most likely that this is the right translation based on information learned through watching various movies and TV. The word is familiar from other things I have seen, so I would go with na'mer over a different choice.
As mentioned the other two are probably just ways of spelling the word using different dictionaries. As you know Hebrew like many Middle East languages has a symbol style rather than the English alphabet most of us are used to.
If you are still unsure from the information provided here consider going to a library or a bookstore that might have Hebrew dictionaries and other books for Hebrew. You may be able to find the word tiger that way to double check that na'mer is indeed correct.
Hopefully, the above has been helpful. Upon searching a dictionary for the word all that appeared was the word written in Hebrew lettering rather than the English alphabet. No site was found that would have a video in how to say the word either thus it is most likely a better option to try finding a tape or other helpful resource via a library or bookstore that would definitely give you what you seek for how to say the word tiger in Hebrew.

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