What Do The Beatles Eat?


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I hope you mean beetles and not the greatest pop group in the world. Beetles eat insects.
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There are somewhere in the range of 300,000 different species of beetles, and each of those species has their own dietary specializations and preferences.

Many beetles eat plant material, but some of them will only eat the seeds of one specific kind of plant, or only the leaves of another type of plant. Some will eat decaying organic matter of almost any kind. There are some that specialize in eating one specific kind of fungus.

There are also beetles that are predatory, and only eat other insects, or only eat carrion. Some prefer aquatic organisms, or specialize in eating snails, or aphids. Others will eat any kind of meat they can get their little mandibles around.

Basically, if you can name an organic substance, there's probably a beetle somewhere that will eat it. Some critters, like spider beetles, will even eat stuff like tobacco and cayenne pepper that would kill other beetles.
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Eat grass
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The beetles were used to eat rotting flesh off of dead carcuses. They actually cleaned the dead animals down to the bone. The show was about a compnay that's specializesd in cleaning up old dead animals bones so they could then be assembled for museums.

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