What Is A Sand Fly?


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Our planet is a storehouse of life and treasures. The species of life forms present on earth comprise of animals, birds, insects, and above all, man. The myriad of life that surrounds us is overwhelming and so is the little sand fly. Tiny as it is, the sand fly has more names and references than any human does. It is recognized across the continents and the official carriers of the disease Phlebotomus.

The sand fly is a colloquial name for a species of flying and blood sucking diperan that is commonly seen in sandy areas. In the United States of America, the term 'sand fly' is also used to refer to horse flies or 'greenheads' or to members of the genus ceratopogonidae. These flies are also called sandfleas, no-see-ums, sand gnats and punkies. Essentially, any fly found on a beach or sandy mound is referred to as a "sand fly". Some of these insects do not bite and are a kind of midge. They are basically kept away from for the fear that they are most likely to carry disease and infection. Nevertheless, the biting variety or not, children must be protected from these insects for obvious reasons and the fact that they would stand helpless in battling the swift creatures.
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The term Sand fly is often written as sandfly. Sand Fly or sandfly is a colloquial name or term that refers to any species or genus of flying, blood sucking, and biting Dipteran that might be encountered in sandy areas. In the United States of America, the term sand fly may refer to those horse flies that are also known as "greenheads". These belong to the family of flies called Tabanidae). In America the term sand fly also refers to the flies that are members of the family of flies known as Ceratopogonidae. Ceratopogonidae are also known as sand flea in Florida and some other places. Other terms used for this family of flies are sandflea, no see um, noseeum, no see em, pukie, sand gnats, and punky. Essentially, in the United States of America, any fly that is found on a beach will be called a "sand fly". Some of these insects, that are called Sand Flies in the United States of America are a type of the family of flies called midge, which do not even bite.
IN other places of the world, the term sand fly is used to refer to members of the subfamily of flies known as Phlebotominae, which is a subfamily of the Psychodidae. These also include the vectors of leishmaniasis and sandfly fever.

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