How Would You Describe You Cavachon's Personality? Also, How Large Do They Normally Grow Up To Be?


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I have a cavachon! And I also have a cavalier and a bichon, hence we ended up with our cavachon... From what we've seen so far, our cavachon matilda has the personality of a cavalier, she's loyal and loveable. I can't really fault a cavalier's personality, whereas bichons have an undesirably skitty nature at times, which our cavachon doesn't have - she's playful, and all about the cuddles!! So far, housetraining has gone "ok" but not brilliantly as it did with our cavalier - however he is a sort of super dog, the most well behaved dog you can come across. She's extremely smart too - we did a "dog IQ" test as a joke, and at 10 weeks she beat our 4 year old bichon and 8 year old cav! Buy one, they're gorgeous!

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