What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Chihuahua?


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The typical life expectancy of a Chihuahua is 14 to 18 years. They are the smallest breed of dog available and come in a variety of heights, weights, coat lengths and colors. Named for the Chihuahua state of Mexico, there is a lot of debate surrounding the origin of the breed. While some believe that they are a descendent of the Techichi dog, others believe they came from the island of Malta.

Breed standards do not state that a Chihuahua has to be of a certain height, only that they weigh between one and half and three kilograms and have certain body proportions. Generally a Chihuahua will reach a height of between six and ten inches but some can grow as tall as 12 to 15 inches. Chihuahuas that are not bred as show dogs will come in a much bigger variety of heights and weights. While they may not fit the conformation rules for a show breed, it does not mean that they are not a purebred dog. In most circumstances the only difference between the description between long and short haired Chihuahuas will be the length of their coat. Chihuahua breeders will use a number of terms to describe puppies as a way to try to sell them. These terms, such as Teacup, Pocket Size or Tiny Toy, are not official standard breed names. Chihuahuas will, however, commonly be referred to as Apple Heads or Deer Heads. Apple Head Chihuahuas have short noses and round heads while Deer Heads have longer noses and more elongated heads. The most common colors found in a Chihuahuas coat are red, cream, blue, chocolate, fawn and black. The coat color may be completely solid or marked or splashed. Breeders consider the merle coat pattern to be one of the highest value.
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17 before I had to put mine to sleep =( She was awesome but in so much pain at the end. Tough little dogs!
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Depending on the exact size and parentage, 10 years is a starting point. 15 years is not unheard of.
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Just lost my Chihuahua/Terrier mix. She made it to 15 and 3 months. My other dog a Fox Terrier mix had made it to 15 and bout 7 months(she was a stray so we did not have exact date of birth). We knew they could live past 15 and we tried to give them every advantage, but realistically by that point you have to know you are dealing with a very senior dog.

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