How Can I Adopt A Pet Chinchilla For Free?


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The best way to adopt a pet chinchilla is to look out for some one who is giving away a chinchilla for free.

At times it is difficult to get a pet Chinchilla for free and you might have to purchase from the local pet shop. Chinchillas are little rodents generally found in the mountains of South America. The rodent gets its name from the Chincha group of people who reside in the Andes. Towards the 19th century the chinchillas had almost vanished because of the hunting carried out for their fur.

Chinchillas generally dwell in burrows or gaps which are in rocks. They are quite active and can jump really high.

Chinchillas usually eat plants, fruits, seeds and times even little insects. It has generally been observed that chinchilla females are bigger in size as compared to chinchilla males.

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