Why Are Non-vascular Plants Called The Amphibians Of The Plant Kingdom?


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A non-vascular plant basically is a common expression for plants which do not have a vascular system. Non-vascular plants are also called the amphibians of the plant kingdom because of their need for moist surroundings. Even though non-vascular plants do not have certain tissues, there are quite few non-vascular plants which have tissues primarily for inner transport of water. In non-vascular plant there are no roots, stems or leaves because each of these compositions is defined by having vascular tissue.

The lobes of the liverwort usually resemble leaves but are not actually leaves because they do not have xylem or phloem. The expression non-vascular plant is no longer applied in scientific categorization. Non-vascular plants comprise of two abstractedly linked groups which are Bryophytes and Algae. Both these groups can be defined as "lower" plants, where the expression "lower" refers to these plants position as the earliest plants to evolve.

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