Is It Morally Acceptable To Experiment On Non-human Animals To Develop Products And Medicines That Benefit Human Beings?


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I have been doing some research on this for a public speaking speech....  I read a story about a dog called rodney and I cried, the dog was frequently tested on, and still greeted the "testers" with a wagging tail and a smile.They broke his leg and had to fix it with a pin, rodney battled to walk again, battled to wag his tail and lost the shine in his eyes. He was put to sleep.
Yes, people die.
Yes, by testing animals we could find a cure for them, but is it worth it?
Okay, this may seem heartless and immoral by saying this, but the world is over populated, we have many medicines that save lives already, I don't think we need more! And I think taking advantage of helpless animals is cruel and unfair.
It may not be so bad when testing on animals like rodney that benefit the health of humans and animals, but when they test on animals for makeup.... I could puke. It is disgusting and it must come to an end.
I don't really agree with this, but many people would rather have murderers and rapists tested on in place of animals.... What do you think is right?
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That's a difficult question. In order to comply with the law products and medicines must be extensively tested before they can be marketed, and currently the testing is mainly on animals. Testing involves risks and were the testing not carried out on animals it would have to be carried out on humans, which opens a whole new can of worms. From a scientific point of view my preference would be to test on humans because a product found to be safe for animals is not necessarily safe for humans.

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