How Often Can You Get The B12 Shot?


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It all depends on each individual person when it comes to deciding how often to get a B12 shot. Some people get them from their doctor’s once a month, whereas some people get them once or twice per week. Many people use them for energy and give themselves another shot when they start to feel the previous one wearing off. It is not recommended that you do these shots yourself, especially by ordering them off the Internet. It is best if you visit your doctor who will be able to explain everything to you and tell you how often you should get them.

Before you actually go to your GP to request a B12 shot, you should ask yourself whether or not you really need to get one. There are several symptoms of B12 deficiency that you can look out for. These include feeling tired or weak, hair loss, dizziness, feeling faint or breathless, a pale appearance to the lining of the lower eyelids, palpitations or a fast or irregular heartbeat, bruising for no apparent reason and long or unusually heavy menstrual cycles.

Besides from getting a B12 shot, there are also several steps that you can take yourself to make sure that you don’t suffer from a B12 deficiency. You can start eating more foods that are good and rich sources of iron such as green leafy vegetables, lean red meat, beef, liver, poultry, wheat germ, oysters, dried fruit and iron rich cereals. You can also start to eat more Vitamin C as this will help your body to absorb the iron better. Red meat not only gives your body iron, it also helps your body take in more iron from other sources. It is also important that you avoid antacids and phosphates which are found in sodas, beers, ice cream, sweets and chocolate etc and also foods that contain the additive EDTA. These block iron absorption.
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Vitamin B12 is essential for human health. It helps maintain red blood cells, a healthy nervous system and it promotes the development of young children. It is found almost exclusively in animal products such as meat and eggs. Vegetarians who avoid all animal products in their diet are those most obviously in danger of suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Some vegetarian foodstuffs are 'fortified' with vitamin B12. Unless the vegetarian consumes such products, taking vitamin B12 supplements may be necessary.
Vegetarian mothers who intend to breast-feed their babies are strongly recommended to take B12 supplements to avoid possible complications to the normal neurological development of their children.
Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include anaemia, weight loss, depression, difficulty in maintaining balance, a general sense of fatigue, and tingling or feeling of numbness in the hands.
Aside from vegetarians, those taking certain medications, and those suffering from certain medical conditions, may have difficulty in absorbing vitamin B12 normally from their food, and doctors may advise that supplements be taken.
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My father is suffering in Cough regularly and too much cough in early morning after that he will fit after 30 minuts and also facing the breath of veins in lungs.Doctors says that the weakness of veins or etc and consult the injection of Methycabol which have vitamin b12 on regular basis for 20 days.take injec daily in 20 days.I want to know the bad effects of that Injection inother sence the bad reaction.kindly assist me
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I LOVE these shots for energy, about once a month is good to start and then you can get them closer together, they are so fun!

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