How Can I Catch Walleye From Shore?


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The Walleye fish is considered to have the best tasting flesh in comparison to any other Freshwater Fish. The walleye fish is fished for two main reasons, for recreational and commercial purposes. The best time to catch a wall eye fish is during the night, as they walleye fish has nocturnal feeding habits. The Walleye fish can easily be caught at night, with the help of live minnows; it can also be caught with lures that mimic small fish.

Most of the commercial fisheries that indulge in the fishing of the walleye fish is situated near the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes. Other good time to catch the walleye fish would be during the spring time, as it is said that these fishes will take any lure or bait.

The wall eye fish is a fish that tends to avoid light, and can be caught often in low light conditions.
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I fish for walleye a lot and, besides minnows, I use leaches.  Leach on a hook, with a weight about 12-18 inches up the line.  Bobber or no bobber. 

Also, if you fish with lures try anything that makes noise like a rattle trap. 

The greatest lure in the world as an all purpose (including walleyes) is a standard white and black Rapala minnow (floating).  Cast from shore, and twitch it  on the surface 3-4 times, reel in some, twitch some more.  Shhhh don't tell too many people about that technique.

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