What Are Interesting Facts About Grasshoppers?


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Grasshoppers are quite amazing creatures actually. Most types are not harmful to crops or other plants. We often tend to relate the chirping of a grasshopper with a still night (any Hollywood movie would tell you that!).

Some interesting facts that I found about grasshoppers are:

1) They can leap twenty times the length of its body.
2) Grasshoppers are found everywhere instead of some cold regions near the two poles.
3) If you pick up a grasshopper, it will spit a brown liquid. This is often known as 'tobacco juice'.
4) There are 18,000 types of grasshoppers in the world.
5) Grasshoppers do not have ears. They sense sound with an organ known as tympanum which is present in their knees.
6) The sound made by grasshoppers is actually the grasshoppers rubbing their hind legs. The sound is made by male grasshoppers and not all types of grasshoppers may produce this sound.

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