Is it good for cats to play with toys? Why/why not?


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Skip Gentry answered

Sure. That's why they make them. Toys keep them amused.

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Megan goodgirl answered

if they enjoy it yes it can be good and fun for them.

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Joyce Hall answered

Its good for cats to play with toys. It keeps their mind active and gives them confidence too.

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gail garsia
gail garsia commented
It's very good for cats to play with toys.

One: It makes them happy and keeps them entertained, especially bored house cats that can't go out.

Two: It keeps them fit, good exercise to keep the weight off, because obesity is as dangerous to a cat as it is to animals.
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Ray Dart answered

Cats are vermin. Give them toys to play with if you wish to waste your money and their (limited) mental abilities. They will be out killing birds and rodents soon afterwards. Then they will be digging up neighbouring gardens to take a dump. Hateful animals in every way.

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Of course it is good. Tthey need to put their energy away. And it would be better to do this with special toys not your curtains :)

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ly fen chen answered

I think it's good for cats playing with toys. They can show their clever to play with it and maybe is a training and having fun too.

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