I am too much of a city girl! I have a wild animal question? (Details in answer)


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Yang came home from work telling me about this demonic crazy raccoon that kept coming after him while he was transferring his truck. It was not scared of him so he tossed one of my sandwiches at it... And it ate it then came back for seconds! Today he had the same run so I snuck on the truck with him to see this crazy raccoon myself. Sure enough it was there! This time I made two sandwiches for the raccoon just in case and yes the critter is fearless! We threw all the sandwiches at the raccoon and he doesn't take it home to a family! This Godzilla of a raccoon eats it all himself and comes back for more! We ran out before Yang was finished with the transfer. So my question is.... Should I pack a bag of peanuts for Yang to toss or should we look for something shiny to toss at it (or is that a myth) How do we keep this critter away from Yang while he is transferring? This thing really is huge and has no fear what so ever of humans!

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You call animal control and have them deal with it. Feeding it will only make the problem worse. Others probably started feeding it which is why it has lost its fear of people. 

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That's what we were thinking to. He normally had this run during the daytime hours so he didn't know the raccoon existed until he began doing this load in the wee hours of the morning when it was still dark out. It acts like it is the "yard dog."
Thank you for your answer my friend. ☺
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Be careful they can be viscous and oftentimes carry Rabies. I think pepper spray would make him/her go away.

If you keep feeding him, he/she will never go away.

Worse is when you get a family of them living in your attic. They do a lot of damage and their urine really reeks. By then you will need to dish out for a pest control conpany to evict them and seal up entry holes.

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Be careful ... They are prone to rabies!  The "Shiny" thing is not a myth .... My mom had one as a pet that she raised from a baby many years ago, and she said it would steal her jewelry and hide it under the carpets. 

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