Why did snails die? I got some snails from outside and took them home and was going to make them an aquarium later their antenna arent sticking out and the edge of the shell feels thin. I feel terrible because i should have let these animals be


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Don't feel terrible. Your heart was to give them a good home and take good care of them. You have a big heart and I think this is sweet of you. My thoughts are.... Now get on the internet and learn about these particular snails. Learn what temperature they are accustom to. What do they eat? Do they need leaves and sticks in their habitat or are they water snails? The more you know, the better chance others have of surviving. Or you can let these ones be and get snails from a pet shop maybe? Good luck. :0)

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You have removed them from their "Eco-System" . . . The nutrients they need to thrive were found where YOU found them.

Leave them be and the same should be said for any wild animal you see.

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Lol! My deliveries could probably use a little less "sugar coating" or "ear tickling" sometimes! Lol! 😅
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Parish the thought, you are truly the softer/kinder side of this community . . . or at least one of it's very cherished members.
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Oh that is so kind of you to say. Thank you dearly. 😊

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