How could a doe join a group of other does? Do deer just let any doe join their herd or is there requirments?


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Hi anonymous, or Dire Dire.

I've worked with a couple of wildlife rehabilitators.  Since deer are herbivores, it's not really dangerous to assimilate the new deer into a herd. 

"Each herd has dominant members, usually an older doe. Do not be surprised if she “disciplines” your fawns (as well as others in the wild herd) by rearing up and striking them with her front legs. (I have never seen a young deer actually injured by this.) There will be an established “pecking” order among the herd, designating those allowed to eat first, choose bedding areas, etc., and the dominant doe will enforce the order. Your fawns will quickly learn their place as they assimilate into the wild herd."

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They make application in writing which is submitted to the managing committee which will then decide whether they're rich enough as they are or if they want more doe.

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