Are pets a lot of responsibility?


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Yes. Any pets are a lot of responsibility. (expect for me I'm potty trained❤). You're responsible for taking care of all your pets needs. Including water, food, meds, daily walks and lots of love💛.

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Yes, they are. But their worth every minute and penny of it.

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yes, well dogs are.

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Owning a animal is a huge responsibility & a life long commitment. I work at a animal shelter and the amount of people who surrender their animals because they become bored of them infuriates us.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Each pet requires a certain type and amount of care and responsibility. Some more than others. If you're not going to be responsible for a pet, then you sure don't need one. That's why the Animal shelters and Rescue groups are so busy. Before anyone gets a pet, they should stop and take the time to know whether they can spend the time and love to care for it.

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If you are going to be responsible for another living creature, then I say it should be "fair amount" of responsibility. I say fair because it depends upon the pet.

Make sure to gauge your life-style, and then do some research on the type of pet you might have TIME for.

For instance, if you decide upon a dog, then you have to decide upon a breed. Many breeds need a LOT of attention and exercise, while other are just fine with moderate attention and an occasional long walk.

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Depends on the animal. Some are easier than others. Then again, fish are considered easy yet I've never actually met a person who could correctly take care of a fish. You know, with the correct measurements and tank cycling and filtration. Seriously, does nobody cycle their fish tanks?!

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Yes indeed! The advantages of having the company of a pet have to be measured against the responsibility of caring for it. For example, dogs desire human companionship and need time spent with them. They also need an enclosure suitable to their size. If fences are not maintained, dogs can escape, causing destruction of property, dirtying the street and becoming a danger to traffic. At times, noise from pets can annoy neighbors. Exotic pets may be exciting for a while, but often are not suitable to be kept in a house. Both the animal and the owner may suffer. In modern city life, finding suitable accommodations can be a major problem for pet owners. Also, when a person travels, providing care for his pet can be difficult or expensive.

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Precisely, when you got your pet it's automatically taking care of them. Such giving them a comfortable place to lie on , food, water, and take him into a socialized outing. Feel free to make him as your buddy. The moment you decided to get your pet is the point in time that you actually know the purpose and obligation of owning a  pet.

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Hello, when you have a pet, it is
quite similar to having a child. So, yes, it is a big responsibility. You have
to shower them with love as well as bath and feed them. They have to be taken
to the vet frequently, and you should take care of them if they are ill.

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The appearance in the house of a new family member is always exciting. We are preparing for this event and are trying to make the "new" home comfortable. As a rule, the role of a novice is a pet cat, dog, parrot or other exotic beast. No matter what he is, you have chosen him, and from the very first minute after you decide to take him home, you are responsible for him.

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If there are children in addition to a four-legged friend in your house, then this is a great occasion to teach them to love and care for their loved ones. Responsibility for pets grows into something more in adulthood. After all, our pets not only add trouble, but they make our life more diverse and interesting. They are so happy about our arrival from work that sometimes they can not restrain their emotions and begin to sing. Some are so bored that they spend most of the day at the door waiting for you. But it’s so nice when someone is waiting for you at home, rejoices. And animals are very sincere if they love, then they love faithfully, such feelings would be worth people to borrow from their pets. For example, hamsters. They are cute, funny, cheap and always available in almost any pet store. In addition, it is a small and comfortable pet. To keep the hamster does not require a lot of space, just buy a comfortable hamster cage  The hamster does not need to walk and pay much attention to it. He is not so attached to the owners to be bored in their absence. If you need to leave the house for several days, it is enough to leave the animal a supply of water and grain mixtures. It is not necessary to ask someone to look after him during his absence.

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