My new lovebird is a picky eater. He'll eat pellets, but completely ignore the lettuce, apples, carrots, eggs, bread, cilantro, radishes, and even bits of beef I leave for him. When I Googled the issue, the advice was to eat nearby, make a big show of how good the food is, and apparently he'll want to try some too xD. The problem is, he's still in the taming process and hates when I reach anywhere in his direction so sharing isn't an option. Suggestions?


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According to my mom (and I am not joking) she swears animals understand if you just talk to them. She would say talk to the bird and explain why eating these foods are good for him. Tell him you love him and want only the best for him. Tell him you would never try to hurt him. Things like that so you begin to get his trust.

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Awe! Well good luck for sure. You can tell u really love him.
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Omg. Ok so it didn't work for the food (yet) but something else did. Today I was having a desperate training session with teaching Splash to step up. I couldn't even gesture toward him in the cage without him freaking out and flying into walls. Then, when he was at the perch he uses to get to the food bowl, I used the advice thingy and it worked. I told him how much I wanted him to be able to not be scared, and then held my hand out, and he just stayed there without screeching or flying into walls
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I am sooooooooo happy for you! It's a start for him. What a great moment for you guys. Baby steps still get you to where u are going, just patiently! :0)

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