My dog is the best friend I could ask for but since I divorced my husband I am so busy working to afford rent by myself that it's hard to have time to be with him. what can I do (besides selling him)?


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One of the hardest things I ever had to do was give up my dog when one of my very early realationships ended.... I walked  out of that relationship with no material possessions at all ... All I took was our dog cos he wasn't safe there and neither was I  ... Then I realized I had to work twelve hour days just to start over ... I found him an awesome home cos I couldn't take care of him then ... Sometimes when you love someone ( including a dog ) you love them enough to give up everything  for them ... Then let them go.... Don't sell him ... Give him to a good home :) cos I said so. ....I'm sorry you have to lose your best friend.

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I'm sorry you had to go through this :( broke my heart a little reading it. Dogs are too good for this world. They have so much love
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They do :) it was good I answered this though :) I still have that puppies first photo album and I pulled it out :) I forgot I had his baby teeth in it and I got to see how horribly I dressed in the late 90's :) what's kinda awesome is he ended up with an older ( kinda) family member I knew very well ..but I lost touch with ... But when I went to that family members wake he had my( his) dogs ashes with him in his casket beside him.... Actually that sounds a bit morbid and not awesome ... But I know my dog was very much loved even after I couldn't care for him anymore .
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Can you get a roommate to help with the bills so you don't have to work so much? Or do you have a family member or a friend that can take the pup so you can at least visit?

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Isn't there people who can dog sit? Like a doggy day care? Not sure how expensive that is though.

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There are a number of ways to lighten your financial getting a room mate (for example). 

I am curious as to your time demands .. Are you working double shifts daily or two jobs that would account for your lack of time to be spent with him?

In any event .. You have to think about his needs .. Are THEY being met? If not, then sadly that is something you are going to have to deal with and sacrifice your need for his company and prioritize his.  Find a family that can provide for him .. on all levels. 

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