Will you please help me name my kitten? (Pics and details in my answer.)


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Hi Happy. The kitten reminds me of Lokai from Star Trek:

Image result for star trek black and white face episode

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"Pointless" will work.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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Ray! I hoped you'd drop in. They'll be ready to move in with you in early December. (Free shipping) Stock up on kibble and litter!
Virginia Lou
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Ray....I see Happy talking about "they"...sounds like you are going to get ALL THREE, as soon as we find a name for this last little one...
Oh I just can tell from all the way across an ocean and a continent, how delighted you are...congratulations!
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I took off my specs and squinted at your pic and I swear I was looking at  Yoda. Does it talk funny?

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Here's the little girl who needs a name.  :)

They're already three weeks old!  They're learning to play.  It's adorable!

Edit:  Here's Tony.  He's tiger striped.  Get it?

This is Buttercup.  She's so gentle.  :)

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Just pick something you like.  She won't care, won't answer to it, and will usually deliberately ignore you when you use the name.  At least that is how my cat rolls. 

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Boing go

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