What do you think about Pit Bulls? Good, bad, friendly, aggressive? Why? This is this topic for a podcast I am in the process of making. Please voice your opinions!


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All pit bulls I have come in  any type of contact with have been growling at everyone. The owner was yelling and giving verbal abusive orders. I once saw two that have a pinkish color.

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I have 3 Pitbulls living next door to me and they were raised to be friendly and obedient. They are some of the nicest dogs that I've ever met. The three of them come to my kitchen window almost every day. It's like the ice cream window, I open it up and hand them treats.

Edit: I found this pic of my favorite Pit with one of her 10 puppies that she had a couple of years ago. Sweetest dog ever.

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With very few exceptions, pets behave the way the owners have trained them. If you don't do any training, allow the dog to jump up on you at will, snatch food out of your hand, bite everyone they come in contact with, the dog is not at fault. It's the owner that's at fault for not bothering to do some simple obedience training. Pitbulls are no different.

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Hi I apologize about the name mix up. Please see my comments under your answer. Again I'm sorry I mixed up the names. Thank you.
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I have no problem with the pit bull breed, what I have a problem with is the humans who abuse, and exploit their bully breed nature, for their own cruel intentions or agenda.

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Dogs are dogs. ANY dog has the potential to be aggressive. Unfortunately, there are terrible humans that utilize this particular breed to fight, amongst other things. Through no fault of their own, these dogs that have been used in such a way, don't know any better.... And the humans that purposefully do this to an animal....well, I won't say what should be done with them. Over time, it has given the breed a bad rap.

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We rescued I beautiful Staffordshire Terrier Pit bull from a local shelter.

We went into just check out the dogs while our oldest was at a birthday party. My wife kept saying, what kind of dog is this? . . . She was outgoing friendly . . . Feisty but not aggressive. We picked up our son and brought him right to the shelter to see the dog. He fell in love INSTANTLY. We tested our youngest (because of allergies) and brought her home to be part of our pack . . . She was simply the best dog I have ever owned. Even when she was mouthing my hand during rough-house play, her eyes were affixed to my face . . .if she bit down even a little too hard as to cause a reaction, she immediately let go and doused me with kisses . . . .

She treated both our children as if they were her pups. Nervous momma waiting by the door until they got home from friends safely . . .

Like all animals, a sound mind is needed. Whether it be a human, or pet mouse . . . The rest is Environment and Experiences.  Any Pitt with a sound mind that is overly aggressive, has their owners to thank for that . . . They were our national Dog, and RCA's icon in the early years . . . For ME, it has been the best breed. I will be getting another.

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I don't like them. Too mean looking.

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Not a big fan, but I agree with the other respondents.  The dogs have their reputation because of the humans who mistreat and abuse them to make them mean.  Raised correctly they are no different than other breeds. 

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Personally, i have never been a dog lover, though pitbulls i have met are just the biggest sweethearts, I know for a fact most of the problems of bad animal behavior is the environment, the situation they are forced into, or the way the people treat them. This goes for all animals, i don't think they are a bad breed and need to die, but they need to be handled in a more cautious way and more careful.

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