What is your favorite mythical creature?


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The dragon!

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Corey the Firehawk

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The Loch Ness monster. Don't you be givin' that Loch Ness monster no tree fiddy now, woman! (Nobody got the reference....Right? Right?)

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I had never heard of the creature in Mountain Man's answer---and I pronounced it at first as if it had 2 l's rather than just l.

So I searched the internet.

It has now become one of my favorite mythical creatures as well.


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Apparently they are very rare and only seen during one of these:-

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lol" two meats mixed together is never a good thing is it? still my partner calls sausages mystery packages, I haven't eaten them since.
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Yea..I've never been the hugest fan of anything that says "meat products" on the front.
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absolutely lol!
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I'd opt for the Sasquatch except that they're not mythical. After all, we had one from Minnesota who was a regular contributor to Ask.

So my pick is the bunyip, and Australian beastie that lives in the valleys and streams around my home. Nobody knows what they look like for nobody has ever survived contact with a bunyip long enough to describe them to a police artist.

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Given a chance, I'd like to become an Angel because they're spiritual beings created by God as a way to communicate with and watch over human beings.

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