why does my cat's breath smell like a sewer from hell?


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Because it's a cat!!!!

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Bad tooth, bad diet, or a GI issue.

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They lick their butts! Perhaps it is what they lick! LOL!

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Yin And Yang
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I was hoping I didn't sound mean.... Sorry Thrice. :0(
I am a "germaphobe" in recovery and have been witnessing my moms dog licking my 2 year old's lips, teeth and tongue! My mom thinks its funny and cute. I want to vomit.
Jann Nikka
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Excellent LOL
otis campbell
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Only dogs do that
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Most likely a dental problem.  They can develop some fairly severe dental issues without  any outward sign.  My car began having bad breath.  Trip to the vet showed massive plaque build-up and 4 teeth were so rotten they had to come out,  Breath was much better afterward,  and I am sure the cat felt better.  A friend failed to notice the problem, and by the time it was really noticeable the cat couldn't overcome the infection and died


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Severe bad breath can be caused from a few things .. But primarily it is either dental or digestive issues. A vet could determine which it is .. In either case your cat is not healthy and could use some medical care

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