Today, August 28th, is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. A day we people remember their pets who have passed on and are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Anyone care to share a picture or story of their pets who are waiting?


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Dear Gator Blu,

Because I have moved around so much I felt unable to keep a pet, but I still love them so much...this photo reminds me of Hawnie, my friend Peggy's beloved companion for 21 years. Peggy was there when Hawnie was born, named her Hawnie after Goldie because of her wet golden wrinkly birth fur.

Anyone who meditates you know how much your kitty loves that, and Hawnie never missed a meditation with Peggy and me.

Finally when the time came, Peggy was just unable to accompany Hawnie for her final visit to the vet, and so I said YES for my dear little friend. The vet showed me how to hold her head, and I talked to her the whole time, and I will never forget the wonderful surprise and delight on her face as the shot took hold.

Being with Hawnie in her final moments was a comfort to Peggy, and truly a privilege for me that I will never forget.

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Skip  Gentry
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Virginia, you were a Blessing to Peggy and Hawnie. I love that sweet name :)
PJ Stein
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Virginia, how kind of you to go. I know how hard that is. You are a very good friend.
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This is Star. My first furbaby. She went everywhere I went. From Carlsbad Caverns, to New Orleans, to Daytona Beach, and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. If a couple owns a dog, that dog usually picks one as a favorite. But not Star. She was an equal opportunity dog. It has been nearly 8 years and I still miss her.

And this is Thor, my mama's boy. He was a big boy and many stepped back when they saw him. There was never a reason to do so. He was the most passive dog there ever was. Everyone who had a child who visited us has sent a picture of their child hugging him. Of course the fact he seemed to have the puppy soft coat his whole didn't hurt. His favorite place was with me, Actually it was more like on me. All 85-90 lbs, of him. He also loved to go for a car ride with the top down. I miss my Bubby.

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Skip  Gentry
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Gator, I'm so sorry for your losses. This question will be hard for people to answer and I'm sure I'll have tears in my eyes as I read the answers.
PJ Stein
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As much as I miss the both, I like to live by the words of Dr. Seuss. “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
otis campbell
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Great dogs
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A lot of you were with me when I put Scarlett down just before Christmas, but I've never told you all how it started.

It was just before Valentine's day and all of my friends at the school I worked at had received puppies for Christmas. I walked in and the Secretary told me they had an 8 week old puppy they were looking for a forever home for, and that a teacher had brought the dog to school. All day, people would ask if I'd seen the puppy, I'd always say no, I didn't want to. Finally after being hounded, I made a grand statement hoping they would quit. My mother in law was a kindergarten teacher and I thought I'd say the most outlandish thing to get everyone off my back so I said, "Okay fine, IF my mom in law hand carries that puppy in here, I will take it home, no questions asked." But no one could say a thing to her. I made this announcement in front of 20 people. 2 hours later she did walk in with that puppy, and I did take her home, just like that. No one ever told her, she just thought to bring her by.

She was my life, the most selfless thing I have ever done was put her down as soon as she asked. She did, and I fulfilled my promise to her. I was by her side to the very end. I don't know exactly what's going to happen to me at the end of this life, but I like to believe that someday I'll see her again.

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Here's a pic of the best cat in the world, ever. We got him as a kitten but for a few months thought he was a she. The kids named him Daisy Mae and called him May May. When we found out she was a he, the name just stuck. I'm not much of a cat person but this one was special. We never had a litter box, he would ring a bell by the front door to go out and then bang on the kitchen window when he wanted to come inside. He was 17 years old when he passed, a few years ago.

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Winston was the best dog I ever had. You could never meet a sweeter dog in your life. Many before him but he'll always have a special place in my heart. I have his cremated remains in a nice little wooden box with his name on it sitting on a Curio cabinet and I pat it usually daily.

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