Its national pet day what is your pet ? Mine is motormouth kitty!


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I no longer have pets (although I am trying to look after two Hedgehogs in my back garden right now).

In the past I had a Parrot called Parrot, three fish called fish, fish and fish, a gerbil called Gerb and a dog called Rikki (I'm not sure what went wrong with the naming convention there).

Rikki was a black-hearted little SOB who hated everyone and everything apart from my mother. I wasn't sad to see him go.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Ours would be Almond Coconut (left) and Rumplestiltskin (right). There's also a squirrel that has been terrorising my mother's flower garden that I have affectionately named, Squirrlo.

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Mine is dead...........

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Keokee!!!  THE BEST DOG EVER!!!

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otis campbell
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Looks like he is mean
Cookie Roma
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SHE is actually sweet. She almost never even barks and has never even attempted to bite any person or other animal. She is a rescue that I've had since she am was about 7 months old. She will be 8 years old in July. The one very frustrating thing is she seems to really not like getting her picture taken. No matter how "sneaky" I try to be to take photo, she always catches me then just cones and stares at me.
Skip  Gentry
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She's pretty!
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Clarabelle Boo Marmalade

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otis campbell
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Cute kitty
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Yep! Cute name too. :)
dragonfly forty-six
Thank you. :))
Maybe, but she reminded me of Halloween and crazy marmalade. So thinking about food is not completely out there. She's as crazy as she looks. She's the most charming thing I've ever owned. I'm very attached to this kitty. Where I go, she goes.
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Pepsi , bottom 

Raven , center 

Jet , eyes glowing 

Sorry couldn't figure out how to rotate pic 

Rooster, can you fix the pic 

Not sure what I did , I made it worse then what it was .

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I have a turtle who don't care about anything, even me and keeps on jumping off his tank and work like a  tank destroying everything in its path,but still I love him. AND I KNOW WHATEVER YOUR PETS DO WE ALWAYS LOVE THEM RIGHT......PLS COMMENT.

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