If you could raise a wild animal what would it be and why?


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PJ Stein answered

I would choose a tiger. They are strong, yet playful and beautiful. With that said, I would never raise a wild animal. I know people who have and do have wild animals. It is an unbelievable amount of work, and it is costly.  Not to mention how much you need to know to keep a balanced diet for the animal. And there is special foods you need to order in advance to make sure you never run out. It isn't like you can run to Petsmart Kangaroo Chow. Yes, there is such a thing. My sister-in-law used to work for a zoo. She rescued a Wallaroo that someone tried to donate once they figured out they couldn't care for it. Zoos cannot take such animals because they don't know what disease they may be carrying. She has rescued 3 monkeys, a serval, snakes, skinks, and rabbits. It is an amazing amount of work and they cannot just go off for a weekend if they want to. They have find someone who can care for the animals. And if they need a vet they have to drive for two hours to get to one that can handle them. Not to mention making sure that the animals are kept physically and mentally active. Pent up energy in any animal can cause the animal to become destructive. They are a full time job. 

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I gotta confess I wouldn't want to raise a wild animal -- they need to be free. But there's something really appealing about flying birds of prey. This guy uses several, even an owl.

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K. B. Baldwin answered

Skunk (descented, of course - I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid).  They are small, cute, fluffy.  However, they are wild, and my vet assures me they are untrainable and would make a lousy pet.  So I'll stick with my genetically wild house cat.  I have supected that she wasn;t really tame, but hung around for the free food and warm woodstovbe.  A little taker! 

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