Would You Rather Have a T-Rex-Sized Cupcake or a Cupcake-Sized T-Rex?


12 Answers

dragonfly forty-six Profile

Both. Cupcake to feed everyone. Cupcake sized T-Rex for entertainment. I would name him Fluffy and put a leash on him too.

Sapphire's Edge Profile
Sapphire's Edge answered

I love cupcakes, so I want the T-Rex sized cupcake!

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

I'll take the cupcake anytime. I'd like chocolate with chocolate icing, please.

Rikey Animals awesome Profile

Cupcake-sized T-Rex and I would name him monster!

Ginger McName Profile
Ginger McName answered

A tyrannosaurus rex that can sit on my hand would be a great pet. I could keep one in a large reptile aquarium and feed it cat food. :P

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