Would you pay $50,000 to hunt down a dentist with a bow and arrow? What are your thoughts and feelings about what happened to Cecil?


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From my understanding, this is not the first time this particular dentist has been tagged with poaching....poaching is wrong on all accounts.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

This is what happens when stupid people acquire way too much money. Cecil had no chance  here which is sad but people have to destroy what God gave us and for nothing except a trophy for his office wall.  Life goes on once again sadly

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Put me in a jail cell with that punk lion killer see who comes out

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It's usually the other way around ... Someone pays the hitman.  Lol

I feel bad for the dentist.  He said he thought it was a legal hunt.  People should leave him alone, unless they can prove he knew otherwise.

As to the actual killing of the lion.  I'm pretty indifferent to it.  On the one hand, lions are killed all the time.  On the other hand, it would be like taking an animal from the local zoo and putting it in a hunting reserve.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
I agree .. He claims to not know about the fact that this was a tracked animal .. but, as far as I am concerned it's not about THIS animal .. It's about hunting for sport ... (and I use the term 'hunting' lightly .. What THIS guy does is not 'hunting' .. it's more like a kill for fun with state of the art equipment, helicopters and man power) Personally, I am completely against hunting for sport .. but that's just me.
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I think he will be charged with poaching and I hope he gets prison time there.  I wouldn't be interested in hunting a dentist.  I'm not interested in hunting at all, but a dentist seems like particularly bland prey.

These hunters are all liars.  They always have some excuse about helping the Africans out or they didn't know the rules or some crap.  They just want to kill stuff for fun and they would happily wipe out every lion or leopard or elephant or anything if they got to brag about it later.  Social media shaming is perfect.  It takes away their ability to show off.  I would like to see the name of every person who belongs to some of these hunting associations made public.  We need to make this socially unacceptable.

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I read online (On Glen Becks facebook page) that he has already had to close his business and go into hiding because of death threats.

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