Could Jurassic park happen in real life?


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The atmosphere had a much greater proportion of oxygen in the times of the dinosaurs. This contributes to the tendency to large size (if you've got to get oxygen to every part of your (big) body it helps if there's more of it about.) So, the large dinosaurs are probably not viable. Smaller ones might be.

As someone else has pointed out. DNA, though VERY stable as a chemical, has a shelf life of tens of thousands of years - just not 65 million.

Here's a thought though - It probably WOULD be possible to re-create Neanderthal man in a few years time. So, if Chelsea football club ever need a few more supporters...

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Of course not, but that would be so . . . Bizarre, insane, awesome, adventurous all at once. I wish dinosaurs ruled the Earth still. Just like in Transformers: Age of Extinction, where in the beginning, it showed that ship, Lockdown's ship I believe, and it turned all life - even plants in your conclusion - had turned into molten metal, just like what Optimus Prime said.

OK, here's what I'm trying to say:

Basically, no, unfortunately, although that would horrific, awesome, insane, amazing, spectacular, thrilling, and the best thing I've ever seen in my 16 years of life. Peace out people. Enjoy life. It's a thrilling ride you'll never want to stop getting off of.

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No way, but our scientists are really good. Maybe they can create it

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I'm sure dinosaurs looked like your typical elephant, giraffe, and rhino etc.. 

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