What is your opinion on animal cruelty?


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Corey The Goofyhawk Profile
Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

There's a special place in the darkest depths of the unknown for those that participate in cruelty of any kind. Unless it's against a spider. If you wish to inact cruelty on a spider, then, by all means, go nutz. Good luck to you!

Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Animal cruelty should carry the death sentence or life imprisonment ! A total sick crime against animals that can't defend themselves ! I say give them to this guy to handle !

Bubblicious Bubblicious Profile

It's very sad and those involved should be punished accordingly , get help. Disgusting .

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

These are God's animals and they don't need to be abused by some "macho" people who can only pick on something smaller. I would say the sentence for these people should be throw them in a Alligator pit for an hour or so so then they can see how it feels if they survive like all those poor animals that don't

CalTex - Doug Morgan Profile

Abuse of innocent humans is the worst -- especially if children are the victims.  But animal abuse is a close second if it is an animal which senses pain.  Obviously abuse of a dog, dolphin or chimpanzee is worse than abusing a cockroach, spider, or grub worn.  And people differ on what abuse and cruelty are.  So it isn't such a cut-and-dried issue.

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hunter dude answered

Everybody has a different definition of cruelty. I'm for hunting and all, as long as its for food, clothes, pest control or population control. But hunting solely for sport is where I draw the line. 

Some people think even hunting for food is cruel,which it's not, but like I said, everybody has a different definition of cruelty. If you are intentionally hurting animals for no good reason, then I think it should have a harsh penalty, such as a certain amount of years in prison.

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Matt Radiance answered

It's too wrong. Animals are alive, feel & have life as well as a human do.That's right sometimes we need to kill to fill our own stomach. But at least we can do it without suffering. Then nobody died by changing nutrition. Then what happening to the most of animals today is so sad, From the smallest to the biggest it shouldn't be there. Usually when we say, Animal cruelty. We think of big hunters or thousand of killings of whales or chickens or dogs & cats ect . . .We can't really expect them to not do that. The first starts from our home, We need to learn our children that abusing animals isn't good. 

To stop throwing stones through animals,stop scaring them, stop pulling different part of them, stop playing with them in abusive way, So many children do that I'm afraid, First we educate our children, then we really can get another step to stop bigger crimes in animal's lives.

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Prabhjot Kaur answered

First of all, we need to understand the importance of animals in our world. Only after that, we can do anything for the welfare of animals. Animals teach us how to live in unity and how to affectionate our mates and dear ones. They are true friends of their wellwishers. If you have ever noticed our pet dog is our best and true friend, It always loves us and takes care of our safety. And we should return the double love and care to it.

So' all the animals are same. If you love them and take care of them, they will too love you and will never harm you. There are many news on the internet regarding the animal attacks on human beings. It's all just because of our bad behavior against animals. Some people harm homeless animals without any reason. And it generates the hate in the heart of animals against the human beings. And they start to attack humans whenever they feel afraid of them.

There is a quote, Give love and Take Love. And we all are advised to apply it on ourselves. We all might love animals in the same aspect as we love our family members and dear ones. When we start to give love, we will also start to take love from animals. Animal Welfare NGOs In Amritsar is caring for all animals. It has organized many animal welfare camps in the region of Punjab to aware people about the importance of animals.

Our team is working on all possible tasks which can support animals to have their rights. After attending our rescue camps, many volunteers start to dedicate their valuable time and money to support animals. And we are inspired to expand our work in all over India. Right now we are working in Punjab but trying to enlarge our team and organization to animals.

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