Why do people think there will be a zombie apocalypse when zombies aren't real?


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Have you not seen 28 Days/Weeks Later? Lol. I see it as just fiction meant to entertain. Good luck.

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Maybe zombies aren't real ... But replace "zombie" with a virus outbreak that doesn't respond to medicines - or even worse, a "superbug" ... And you have the same scenario.  Millions, perhaps billions, dying - the collapse of civilization and society. 

A totally plausible scenario.  After all, it has already happened numerous times in history.  The plagues that decimated the population of Europe and the Americas.

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But now we wash our hands (most of us do), take baths (some of us do) , have a sewage system, and the garbage man comes by every week.
Walt O'Reagun
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DDX ... and we are creating "super bugs", immune to modern antibiotics.
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Remember how many people questioned the true existence of Slenderman?    We've gotten questions on how to create certain kinds of magic spells. While I don't think this is by any means most people, there do seem to be some who confuse fantasy and reality. 

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What are you talking about? I'm right here. Obviously I'm real or I wouldn't be able to answer the question. Seriously though its not the zombies that they are afraid of. Zombie invasion just symbolizes barbarian invasion. So people aren't afraid of zombies. Their really afraid of the fall of civilization from an invading unstoppable horde.

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