This is probably a loaded question but here goes anyway....How do you feel now that Ringling Brothers Circus has announced that they will be ending their elephant acts by 2018?


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I feel bad just heard it on the news and it's all cause people think the elephants are being mistreated ..I think less people will be going to the circus after all this is part of act using them as part of the act/ tricks.

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Well, I think it's great, there's something just not right about taking such a majestic animal, putting it in a costume for Pete's sake, and making it do tricks... Just for humans... who I'm sure the elephants don't want anything to do with. Just something inherently wrong with the whole circus scene. Just my opinion.

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Darling Divaa
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I can honestly say i have never been to a circus. Never had the desire to....
Lard Ass
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My parents took me when I was a child, but as an adult I've never been back, nor would I go...Just don't think animals belong in that setting. At least in zoos they try and give them somewhat of a natural setting...don't care much for them either.
Darling Divaa
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Unfortunately i visited a zoo once and i have always regretted it. I have always tried to be a voice for the voiceless.

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