What are the seahorse's adaptations?


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Seahorses are fantastic creatures that not only look amazing, but are well-suited to their environment. Through these adaptations or numerous body parts they have, these not only allow seahorses to live in the ocean and to hide from prey - but allows them to survive! 

The adaptations are as follows; the Pectoral Fin (located either side of the gill openings), The Coronet (the boney projection at the top of the head), Turreted Eyes, Long Snout, Brood Pouch (found under the anus only on males), Anal Fin, Dorsal Fin (mid-way up the seahorse's back), Prehensile Tail (allows seashores to hold onto rocks), Gas Bladder (an internal gas organ that allows the seahorse to control up-and-down movements), the Gills, and Protective [Skin] Plates.

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