How can I get a horse (I'm thirteen years old.)?


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It depends on where you live. If you are, let's say, in New York City, there is a horse camp, but you can't get a horse from there. If you want a horse you have to prepare for the extreme responsibility that it takes.

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Before you get a horse you should spend 6 years at the least taking lessons and learning about them  find a local  barn that offers lessons to make sure this is what you want. Then you can look around for a horse if you are willing to put in the time and money. A horse costs about $2,880 a year at the least. That includes boarding food farrier dentist vaccinations and deworming. You must also remember you will have to pay more if your horse gets hurt. I would first look for a horse at the place you take lessons then ask them if they have any other recommendations of nearby barns that could sell you a horse. I hope I helped 😀🐎

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