At What Age Does The Mensuration Cycle Of A Dog Begin And What Medicine Would You Prescribe.?


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Dog menstrual cycle is called heat cycle or estrus cycle.
Female dogs can get their first heat cycle at the age of 4-18 months depending upon breeds. A female dog can come in to heat twice in a year. Canine heat cycle can last for 3 weeks.

First stage of canine heat cycle is called proestrus. At this stage, vaginal bleeding starts and swelling of vulva takes place. This period can last for an average 10 days. Second stage is called estrus during which she is ready and mating takes place. Third stage is called diestrus which can last for 56-58 days if she becomes pregnant and in case of no pregnancy, this stage may last for 60-100 days. Fourth and last stage of canine heat cycle is anestrus which is a period of no attraction for and from male dogs. This period can last for 4-5 months.

You have not mentioned medicines for what purpose? Use of medicine is not necessary if dog gets her heat cycle. If dog has infertility then can be treated but it depends upon underlying cause.

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