I need a slogan on how to save animals. Any ideas?


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Kelly H. answered

Here are some good slogans on saving animals:

"When you kill animals your showing the world just who really is the animal."

"Save the wild or you will be called as wild."

"A heart beats in animals the same as in us."

"Save ANIMALS and help ourselves from being CANNIBALS."

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."

"Stop Senseless Slaughter."

"Cage the animals who cage the animals."

Hope this helped!! Good Luck!!

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Brenda Everett answered

I like the idea of "Do you want your child to know what a [insert endangered species name] is?"

I think the idea that the next generation, our kids and grand-kids, will not even be able to see some of the animals that exist today is very sad, and hopefully that thought might provoke a reaction if you can get your campaign going. Good luck!

By the way I often think about the plight of the dodo. What a remarkable creature I wish I could have seen in real life. Now that will be impossible because of human greed in killing them all for food

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