What Is A Honey Possum? Does It Actually Eat Honey?


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  No, it actually eats nectar and pollen and never goes near either bees, bees nests or the honey that they produce. Many tree-dwelling marsupials include nectar and pollen in their diet, but the honey possum feeds on nothing else. It has also been called `the hummingbird of the marsupials because of its diet and size.

  The honey possum is one of the smallest of the Australian marsupials. A large one measures nine centimetres from its head to its rump, with another 10 cm of slender prehensile tail, and weighs up to 16 g. Females weigh on average one third more than males.

  The honey possum is only distantly related to the true possums, and is classified in a family of its own. It lives among the heathlands of south-western Australia, where the density and variety of flowering trees and shrubs is such that it can find flowers to feed from all year round.

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