Animal Crossing Wild World: Can You Get Married?


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No it is impossible to get married on animal crossing. On wikipedia they do check what they put in there but not if its fact or fiction they probably only check for cuss words or other bad things it probably not even a person that checks it its probably a filter.  
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Unfortunatly you can't. You can arrange a fake one with friends and all to a WI FI connection and do a little play but other than that I guess you can't. But Harvest Moon Island Of Happiness, I recommend highly for you to buy it. When you give a resident from your town, About five hearts they will like you and get married to them. And also become a part of their family, But the main thing you need to do is make your own farm, Get crops, Become friends with other farmers, Traders & More. You are the farmer on the small world, Your main part is to get more residents to come on the abanded, Now found island.
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No sorry, But you can't.
I know a ds game that can get you married. It is called Harvest Moon, No matter wich harvest moon game you can get you can get married. You collect hearts to make characters happy! You can also celebrate birthdays on there as well as anaimal crossing. Even though you can't get married you could grab your friends and do a little wi fi connect and make a fake one. Like a little game. I think that animal crossing is better than harvest moon because you get bored easily with harvest moon. But animal crossing has real life situations.
They ask what blood type are you, When your birthday is (To get a free gift) They celebrate christmas, Halloween all those kinds of stuff. Also you get to pay off your own loan! To pay to tom nook to get a bigger house. I just payed off my loan so I'm getting a way bigger house soon (3rd Time)
So I hope that answers your question and have a happy holiday.

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