How Do You Look After A Spider Plant?


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Spider plants grow very fast. When a spider plant is planted in a hanging basket it grows two feet wide and three feet to four feet long.

Spider plants dwells best in bright sunlight, this sun light should be indirect and light. They can bear direct sunlight but midday sun rays may sear the plant's leaves. You should check their soil every day, see that you supply proper soil to the plant. Do not give excess water to the plant but water them regularly. They require a temperature of 65 degree to 75 degree Fahrenheit. At night it is good if you could keep them in temperature of 50 to 55 degree Fahrenheit.

Try to place the spider plant away from window or door during winter. During the season of fall you can start planting new offshoots of that plant. This season is the most suitable season for spider plants to produce new branches.

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