To Which Country Is The Silkworm Native?


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Silkworms, little producers of silk, are native to northern China. According to an ancient legend a young empress, while strolling through her gardens, noticed a sparkle like that of a diamond coming from one of the trees. After further investigation, the 'diamond' was found to be the cocoon of a silkworm. The Chinese soon discovered the secret behind the silkworm and the beautiful thread that they created. For thousands of years only the royal family of China was allowed to wear silk and the mystery of silk was kept a secret. Anyone else found to be wearing silk was killed. Today, thankfully, that is no longer the case and silkworms are found all over the world. The cocoon of the silkworm is made of a continuous thread of raw silk reaching a legnth between three hundred to nine hundred metres. Apporximately two to three thousand cocoons are needed to make just one pound of silk.
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Also, silkworms have become so domesticated over thousands of years, they can no longer live in the wild(not even in China),as the moths cannot fly and are not resistant to diseases. They are the only domesticated insect on earth.

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