Can Anyone Explain Me The Ailment Modes In Unicellular Animals? Please Explain It To Me In Detail.


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Animals do not have chlorophyll and are thus unable to prepare their food from inorganic compounds; therefore, they obtain their food from the organic matter produced by other organisms. This mode of nutrition is called heterotrophic nutrition. All animals are heterotrophic.

In unicellular animals there are following two methods of nutrition;
1. The holozoic Nutrition and
2. The saprozoic Nutrition.

These are one celled animals and their methods of nutrition are totally different from the nutrition methods of the multi-cellular animals. These nutrition methods might vary from specie to specie and even the atmosphere is also the factor that influences the diet of unicellular animals.

Holozoic Nutrition: this is the nutrition method adopted by unicellular animals to fulfill their food requirements. Among the unicellular animals some take in solid particles of food materials in their cells, they are called holozoic feeders and the nutrition is termed as holozoic nutrition.

Saprozoic Nutrition: Saprozoic Nutrition is another method adopted by the unicellular organism to fulfill their diet requirements. Some unicellular animals absorb liquid organic substances from their environment and use them as food, they are called saprozoic feeders and the mode is called saprozoic nutrition. Both of these nutrition methods are varied according to the type of unicellular organism.

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