I caught a northwestern garter snake in my back yard and its tail was cut off and Im wondering what to do about it?!?!?!?!


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If this snake is still alive, you should probably just let nature take its course. Unless you're interested in taking this wild snake to a veterinarian and asking for help from this "animal doctor", it's probably wise to set the snake free and let things happen naturally. Whether or not a snake can survive such a gruesome injury really depends on the snake's size, strength, and regenerative powers. In any case, beyond feeding the snake (you'll need live mice to do that, and feeding a snake it can be a distasteful process for the squeamish), and helping it to stay warm (reptiles need warmth), there is not much you can do to help. In some cases, if the snake is dying, is may be for the best, as it could be experiencing excruciating pain due to losing its tail.

  • Be careful

If you're sure the snake is a Northwestern garter snake, that's fine - these snakes are not generally dangerous. However, many snakes look alike, and some can be poisonous - it's vital that you understand what species you are dealing with when you bring a snake into the home. Snakes may also carry diseases and pathogenic bacteria that might be passed on to someone more fragile, such as a child or elderly person. In general, it is not wise to keep snakes around young children anyway - they will frighten most children, and they can bite or squeeze the child. Some children and babies have actually been killed by snakes, although these terrible accidents are quite rare.

  • Get more advice

Learning more about snakes and how they heal can be helpful - message boards and online forums where snake owners and snake "fans" meet can be excellent places to get this information.

It's very kind that you care about the snake's injury and want to help the creature get well; however, you must always be careful when dealing with any sort of snake...especially an injured one.

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